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Escapist Half Measures DVD
Escapist Half Measures DVDEscapist Half Measures DVDEscapist Half Measures DVD

Escapist Half Measures DVD

By: Escapist


Product Description

Escapist’s Half Measures was filmed over a three and a half year period by Ryan Lovell and Doug Gerhardt, mainly in Kansas City and Los Angeles and features the skateboarding talents of Ryan Pearce, Josh White, Keelin Austin, Rod Harper, Tyshuan Johnson, Dillon Aguilar, Joseph Lopez, Josh Crane, Ernie Torres, Max Chilen, Connor McCroskey, Sean Malto, Arthur Dachiardi, Garrett Olinger and more.

DVD includes bonus features: parts from Ryan Lovell, shop owners and shop employees, Done TF edit, Dougle Angles (a video by Doug Gerhardt featuring outtakes and alternate angles and friends), TWS Shop Showdown, 6AMtage, Garagetage and more.


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